avril jean

Australian artist, writer, tech professional, Avril E Jean

January 5, 2022

The blokes in these knitting books sure changed over time

Latest batch of drawings from vintage knitting books
April 23, 2021

Robots, Einstein, Mushrooms and Landscapes All Have One Thing In Common

Getting around to posting some older egg tempera paintings.
April 14, 2021

My drawing is getting better

More pencil drawings based on vintage knitting patterns
April 13, 2021

Art boxes

Signing up for art boxes and playing with the contents.
April 13, 2021

A Horse a Day – Month 1

I took Struthless's art advice to draw the same thing every day for a year...this is week one
April 2, 2021

I still exist in corporeal and virtual form

It's been months but I'm back!
September 9, 2020

Lots of drawings in Lockdown

A number of pencil/ink portraits of people that were in vintage knitting patterns from the 1940s, 50s, 60s.
August 2, 2020

Second Lockdown

It’s July 2020, and Melbourne has been in the second lockdown/stage four for around 3 weeks now. Lockdown means: no visitors or visiting. Don’t leave your […]
July 15, 2020

Porcelain Half Doll is actually a Great Old One

One of the things I’ve always liked is the styling of the first half of the 20th century. To that end I have lots of antique […]