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Watercolour painting of acliffat the grampians national park
Landscapes in Watercolour
Elizabeth I stands on a giant map of Gondwanaland, with a dinosaur known as Ozraptor. Oil painting of British royalty and dinosaur by Avril E Jean
Strange Portraits
Pastel painting of a turbulant sky with grey fluffy clouds and a rain band at sunset. My accidental attempt at doing a painting Turner would have not disowned.
Landscapes in Pastel
An oil painting showing a view of a white crashing wave on rocky shore at blairgowrie
Landscapes in Oil
Painting of the bit of a swingers club key party before everyone takes a key.
Colourful Monsters
Giving sprint demo to a captive audience, we liked to enterain the stakeholders.
My Life in Software Development

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Making my own watercolour
Shadows on arid ground
Rainy day in the Grampians
Recent history
Strezleki view
Did a tiny oil painting the other week
Grove of trees on hilllside
Yellow Path
I’m on a rock. Don’t you ever forget.
Mallee form trees
Tree, Kooyoora state park
Fern Gully, Mt Buangor State Park
I am still playing with abstraction
Pastel again.
Pair of cats
Trees, Mt Sturgeon
I think I prefer doing sunsets in Pastel
This got pretty abstract
Venus Pools
Lefty McLeftersons
Painting with the left hand
Northern Grampians
Mount Abrupt
Sunset with moist sand
Grampians, cliff, water
Trees at Blackburn Lake
Doing some art again
Parting gift to work friend – a painting of his girls
Egg Tempera. Messy, difficult, addictive
The Nobbies – Watercolour Landscape of famous Philip Island scene
Totally rockin it.
A nice day at the beach
Trees, Outlook Track, and musings on Australian Accents
Reflected light (pastel)
I think it’s time for a few more seascapes
Choose your hill
Watercolour landscapes, back on them
A project painting – chasing the ball
Jamming penguins
Another sunset….but sunsets are so pretty….
Colour pencil course
Coloured Pencil – learning a new medium
Rocky shore
Things that didn’t work
Distant landscape
River red gum

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Ink/watercolour drawing based on a still from a 1920s Ben Hur movie
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