a water colour painting of an australian landscape with pretty mottled bark


Bark is kind of cool, right?

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a watercolour painting of malle trees by Avril E Jean, Artist

Mallee form trees

By which I mean, trees that have multiple trunks. In hard times, you can sacrafice a trunk and save yourself. If by ‘yourself’, I mean,…

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painting of a burned out tree in the grampians

Burned tree, Grampians

Painting, rocks, vegetation, blah blah. So. Anyone out there been watching Twin Peaks S3?  I have been a fan of the show since it first…

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watercolour painting of a scene from kooyoora state park

You’d think i’d be over painting trees

So. Yet more trees. I do like a good Aussie scene. I like the smaller trees.

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watercolour painting of a gum tree

Tree, Kooyoora state park

One of the nice things about eucalyptus trees is the redness in the leaves. Lots of them have red new growth, lots of them have…

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oil painting of a shady fern gully

Fern Gully, Mt Buangor State Park

Playing with oil and trying to reduce a scene to really deeply unmixed blobs of colour. I’ve mixed my darks with crimson and phthao blue,…

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Watercolour painting of orange trees in an Australian Landscape

Landscape in orange

Playing around with pulling out colours that are in the landscapes but not part of them.

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Water colour painting of a heard of comical goats


I can post this now as I’ve given it to the recipient. So I have this friend who loves goats. And it was his birthday….

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