watercolour painting of a gum tree

Tree, Kooyoora state park

One of the nice things about eucalyptus trees is the redness in the leaves. Lots of them have red new growth, lots of them have…

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oil painting of a shady fern gully

Fern Gully, Mt Buangor State Park

Playing with oil and trying to reduce a scene to really deeply unmixed blobs of colour. I’ve mixed my darks with crimson and phthao blue,…

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Watercolour paiting showing very bent eucalpytus trees

Trees, Mt Sturgeon

Getting a lot more control with the left hand. Also I’ve not been inking in first for a while. I kind of miss the interesting…

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watercolour painting of a sunset reflected in water through puple clouds

I think I prefer doing sunsets in Pastel

You can layer up to cover your mistakes and brighten clouds in pastel. Oh well. Still looks ok, just wrong to me and not what…

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