A small oil painting of a forest

Did a tiny oil painting the other week

Oil is very weird when you’ve been using watercolour. I honestly don’t know which I prefer any more. Different moods – different painting styles!

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oil painting of a shady fern gully

Fern Gully, Mt Buangor State Park

Playing with oil and trying to reduce a scene to really deeply unmixed blobs of colour. I’ve mixed my darks with crimson and phthao blue,…

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An oil painting showing a view of a white crashing wave on rocky shore at blairgowrie

Finger painting in Oil

I did this left handed. I tried a brush, then a much stiffer bristled brush and just wasn’t getting the texture down right,  so I…

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Charles I in full armor plate is ready for battle seated on his trusty steed stegosaur. Oil painting of British royalty and dinosaur by Avril E Jean

Regina rex II – All January at King Henry’s Art Cafe!

My Regina Rex Paintings will be hanging at the King Henry Arts Cafe in the Dandenongs for January, from 3rd to 31st Janary. All paintings…

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