A small oil painting of a forest

Did a tiny oil painting the other week

Oil is very weird when you’ve been using watercolour. I honestly don’t know which I prefer any more. Different moods – different painting styles!

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A watercolour painting by Avril E Jean of a very typically australian forest landscape

Grove of trees on hilllside

I am enjoying painting in a much looser style.

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A watercolour painting by Avril E Jean of weathered granite bolders and eucalytus trees.

Boulders. Not party rocks.

Rocks are starting to look like rocks. It really comes down to a lot of washes and a lot of flicking paint. Not been doing…

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Watercolour painting of a broken/rugged tree in front of rocks

This post title has no relevance to the content of the post or the picture

So yeah, I’ve been working on my watercolour landscapes a bit lately. And I’ve just bought myself some chinese ink and paper, and am waiting…

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Watercolour painting of small ships in sail


First attempt at ships, seen sailing from Blairgowrie beach, on Port Philip bay.

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a water colour painting of an australian landscape with pretty mottled bark


Bark is kind of cool, right?

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a watercolour painting of malle trees by Avril E Jean, Artist

Mallee form trees

By which I mean, trees that have multiple trunks. In hard times, you can sacrafice a trunk and save yourself. If by ‘yourself’, I mean,…

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watercolour painting of a scene from kooyoora state park

You’d think i’d be over painting trees

So. Yet more trees. I do like a good Aussie scene. I like the smaller trees.

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watercolour painting of a gum tree

Tree, Kooyoora state park

One of the nice things about eucalyptus trees is the redness in the leaves. Lots of them have red new growth, lots of them have…

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oil painting of a shady fern gully

Fern Gully, Mt Buangor State Park

Playing with oil and trying to reduce a scene to really deeply unmixed blobs of colour. I’ve mixed my darks with crimson and phthao blue,…

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