A picture of a handmade silver robot pendant with pearls

PMC3 – First attempt at using silver clay

A picture of a handmade silver robot pendant with pearls

I discovered PMC3, silver clay, earlier this year. This is a modelling clay of suspended silver particles. You fire it and the clay bit burns off and you are left with a silver item.

I mean, how cool is that???!!!! Too easy!!! ….Right???? Easy?

So…I have found it really difficult to work with, this was really a challenge and I can’t say it was much fun. I’d watched youtube channels were people blithely just use it, of course ease of practice makes it look easy.

The internet is full of lies.

It’s not like fimo or any of the other modelling clay as it dries out super fast and it’s very soft and cracks as you work it. It’s sticky and fast drying at the same time, super annoying.  You’re also conscious to not waste any as it’s actually silver, so you save all the tiny scraps and I certainly was in a bit of a panic at wasting it.

I had two mis-attempts that I mashed up and recyled into sludge (to use as slip) before I worked on this little robot dude. I doggedly finished him, even knowing that it wasn’t great, cause I wanted to finish an item, dammit!

I made him too thin, to start with. His arms fell off, one when he was drying, and one when I was polishing up the fired piece with the dremel, it caught at the weakest bit of the other arm and  shot off into the distant part of the shed. I ended up having to clean the shed (THE HORROR, you have no idea…) to look for the bit of arm – and I only found a small bit of it, I think the rest shattered and splayed out, mid flight.

I had a small butane torch my dad bought me at aldi to make creme brulee with (I don’t eat sweetened foods so I never used it) – I fired the dried piece with that and then I used the torch to solder the fraction of arm/shoulder I’d found, back on. It looked very deformed and not symmetrical. I had some bits of silver wire from dicking around with some jewellery I had fixed, so I decided to play around with that, and added that as ‘hands’. It’s good the rest of the robot is so ramshackle and cobbled together looking.

As a final thing, cause I like pearls and I had these ones leftover from redoing an necklace, I added in the freshwater pearls.

I really like robots. So I will def be wearing this. It looks…well. Lets call it ‘artisan’.

I have over two thirds of the packet of clay left so I will be making more items. But I’m not sure what. Perhaps a lungfish.

I will do a tutorial showing my progress next time. Hopefully it won’t be as crappy as the first time when I made ALL THE MISTAKES.