a cat in a specially designed cat tunnel joining two cat runs

Cat Skyrail is GO!

So in my last post about the drain pipe saga, I mentioned that I had to remove a bit of cat run. It was a terrible thing, mostly lashed together lattice, so that the cats would have an outdoor toilet. It deserved to die. Yes. Really.

I decided to build a new one, a much better structure, with some cleaning access and permanency.

One of the problems we have had is that we have to have tubes running from the house structure, which means you have to step over it. It’s annoying. I decided to build skyrail for the cats this time around and link the structures with a walkway.

Skyrail, for those of you who don’t live in Melbourne, is where the government is about to put my railway line up on pylons. It’s contentious but I am looking forward to seeing how they swing it. I actually have stopped going to Clayton by car due to the utter crap that is the boom gate waiting time there.

Anyway. I ordered the timber which has been sitting around waiting, and have been building a bit of the frame in sections over the last few weeks.

The photo below shows it at 8.30 this morning, incomplete. The existing cage against the house, which I built, what, 2 years ago – linked by a platform that Dave kindly built this week, leading to a not-finished other cage. There is a smaller cage to the side of it with a lid.

incomplete cat enclosure

incomplete sky rail link

partiallycompleted cat enclousure

This mornings job was to finish this

I also had to paint the shed which was disgusting-tan and is now “Festival Eve” purple, otherwise i’d not be able to get access to it. That was Tuesday/Wednesday’s job, unexpectedly took time to do.

You can see in the picture above the temporary tube that runs on the ground and links this to the other tubing around the garden.

Today I went out in the heat and pushed through, worked pretty solidly all day  – had to put in more brackets, shelves for cats, wiring, tubing – and I’m wreaked. took about 5-6 hours. And it was hot. Ergh. But I did it! The tubes are wired in, the chicken wire is stapled down and/or cable tied together, we shaped the skyrail tunnel from the wire I used in the chook house.

Timber cat enclosure completed. Contents: 1 large cat.

The completed new extension. Baltar approves of this.  The cats also have more sunning platforms.

It only took about 8 trips to bunnings and way more time and money than I ever thought it would, but it’s done!

a cat in a specially designed cat tunnel joining two cat runs

Baltar is the first cat to discover the cat skyrail and certainly the largest cat in the universe so if he can fit through it, it must be good.


cat using sky tunnel

Baltar in mid meow. Stuff skyrail, he says. where is his dinner. meow.