A watercolour landscape painting of australian bush scene by avril e jean

Strezleki view

From a distance…the world seems…well, distant, really.

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A watercolour painting of clouds at the beach

Beach scene with clouds

Some of my most successful clouds in watercolour to date. I’ve been watching watercolour hints and tips on youtube.

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A small oil painting of a forest

Did a tiny oil painting the other week

Oil is very weird when you’ve been using watercolour. I honestly don’t know which I prefer any more. Different moods – different painting styles!

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A watercolour painting by Avril E Jean of a very typically australian forest landscape

Grove of trees on hilllside

I am enjoying painting in a much looser style.

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A watercolour painting by Avril E Jean of a path leading into woods, a very australian landscape

Yellow Path

I think I want to get back to left handed painting again. I need to get more surreal again.

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A watercolour painting by Avril E Jean of weathered granite bolders and eucalytus trees.

Boulders. Not party rocks.

Rocks are starting to look like rocks. It really comes down to a lot of washes and a lot of flicking paint. Not been doing…

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A watercolour of a tree on a hill by australian artist, Avril E Jean

I’m on a rock. Don’t you ever forget.

It’s possible that too much work has fried my brain. I’ve seriously never worked this hard before in a job. And thought so much. So…

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Watercolour painting of a broken/rugged tree in front of rocks

This post title has no relevance to the content of the post or the picture

So yeah, I’ve been working on my watercolour landscapes a bit lately. And I’ve just bought myself some chinese ink and paper, and am waiting…

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Watercolour painting of small ships in sail


First attempt at ships, seen sailing from Blairgowrie beach, on Port Philip bay.

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